Our roof cleaning services can add years of life to your Inwood or Martinsburg, WV home's roof

our roof needs occasional cleaning to stay in good shape. Thompson's Pressure Washing can provide the roof cleaning services you need. Roof soft washing is the best way to clean your roof safely. Keeping your roof clean will also keep it in good shape.

Take good care of your roof and save tons of money on repairs. Set a date for your roof washing in Inwood or Martinsburg, WV.

Power washing vs. soft washing-what's the difference?

Roof soft washing is the way to go when you need to clean your roof. Here's why:

  • Power washing a surface blasts away deep stains but can damage roofing material.
  • Soft washing your roof will clean your roof using special chemicals rather than a powerful spray.
  • Soft washing uses significantly less water compared to power washing.
  • Our roof cleaning services and techniques can help remove mold and algae from your roof.

Protect your home by protecting your roof. Reach out today to learn more about how we can clean your roof safely.